Not all milk, it's called Dunlun Sue.
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The sixth issue of the New Dance Grove Convention met with the audience last Sunday evening. Deng Lun and Ren Jialun staged the "Double Lun War", sparkling and showing the charm of the stage! I wonder if all the visitors will enjoy it? Today, let's talk about the milk cow's little brother, Deng Lun, who has envied all the girls.

I believe that this issue of the "New Dance Lin Congress" everyone has seen, is it not their own pink brother and sister handsome / beautiful?

Not all milk, it's called Dunlun Sue.

Deng Lun, who constantly challenges herself in the film and television works, challenged the thrill of never being touched with the spirit of "a newborn calf is not afraid of tigers".

Not all milk, it's called Dunlun Sue.

Despite the difficulties of learning to dance, Dunlun persisted in practicing dance steps and finished a wonderful dance of "marionette" to win!

Really doubtful whether Dunlan is another delayed dancer, Pink Dancer Lun, just as surprised and happy!!?

Not all milk, it's called Dunlun Sue.

Just ask, Sunday Dunlun's New Dance Grove and Honey overlap. You choose which one to watch first.