Tie the heart of iron, Jay Chou drank milk tea is long Li Yifeng body.
Add Time:2018-08-30 18:54:03

Recently, Li Yi-feng and Zhou Jielun's "magic" CP variety "This is the dunk" has been released, Li Yi-feng in the variety is really visible fat, but the sister who loves to drink milk tea is magically thin, although the mouth says to lose weight, the body is very honest, a happy eating hot pot, one secretly drinking milk tea, Is this "fat" pot a milk tea or a hot pot?

This summer is about to slip away, taking away the big endings of the "Millennium Strategy," taking away the "honey as frost" girl, taking away the "China's new rap" enthusiasm, leaving a new blockbuster program "This is the dunk". The program was jointly created by Tianmao, Youku and Zhejiang Satellite TV. Although it is a group of wealthy "dads" in the words of netizens, people finally rely on "invincible blood".

In short, this variety is the game of basketball, Jay Chou + Lin Shuhao VS Li Yi Feng + Guo Allen led more than 160 basketball teenagers, in the streets of the dense "basketball park" in line, boys like to watch basketball, girls like handsome guys are more likely to see (after all, your husband), with a little pink mentality to see Left-handed sister; right-handed peak; CBA boss in front; NBA rising star in the rear; blood sprinkled on the basketball court, burning your universe.