Tea, taste and quality are two different things.short-term subjective feeling


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"How does this tea drink" this may be the most tea people face a tea first to ask, the importance of taste experience, which means that the majority of tea friends do not care about the quality of the quality of it? Of course not, but with the popularity of "palatability for Jane, tea is used for drinking", many people naturally put the taste experience and quality together, that is, good tea is good tea.

Is the taste experience and quality really the same thing? Think carefully, this is not true. To take Pu'er tea, many new teas have a strong taste, strong bitterness and strong irritation. This is not a good taste experience. But this does not explain the bad quality of the tea, because this is the taste characteristic of the new tea. A little time, a moderate change of taste will become more palatable, and a tea. The quality of good or bad is also need to be judged later.

Therefore, it seems to me that the taste experience is actually a short-term subjective feeling, variable, different stages, different factors will lead to different taste experience, and quality is a long-term and relatively objective overall evaluation, is relatively stable, and does not change too much with the change of external factors. That is to say, the quality of a tea is actually a matter of quality, and there will not be much change. It is obvious that the taste experience can not be equal to the quality, the quality is the comprehensive consideration of multiple factors, and the taste experience can only be used only as one of the quality judgment.

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