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This taster selected Yunnan Xishuangbanna Menghai County, 1600 meters above sea level in the ancient ecological tea garden advanced spring pistil tea, selected fertilizer and tender leaves, moderate fermentation, professional tea division, the traditional technology to suppress. This product continues the classic formula, the cake shape is smooth and smooth, the gold is uncovered, the color is red and brown, the aroma is elegant, the color of the soup is gorgeous, the taste is sweet and sweet. Throat rhyme like silky, smooth, soft and dynamic at the bottom of the leaf, is the essence of drinking and collection.

"Tea- new product" old comrade Pu'er special grade tea 100 grams

Carrying out the idea of the life of the old tea people

A good tea that anyone can afford to drink

Tight shape, tender, golden bud

Uncommon fragrance

New products are listed on the market to witness the beauty of the essence.

The color of the soup is bright and bright and the entrance is clear and sweet

A sweet smell of soft flowers in the sweet sweet

The soup is full of rhyme

The new products are listed as "blue iron", bringing you a more moist and more active tea.

Discus shape, sharp edges without loach edge, color red and brown oil, tea inside and outside the same material, golden sprouts evenly distributed, tea cake uniform. Pure aroma and no smell, with the characteristics of high quality cooked tea.

On ATea market quotes: old tea is always high and new tea will be king.
NextTea, taste and quality are two different things.



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