short-term subjective feeling

Tea, taste and quality are two different things.

How does this tea drink this may be the most tea people face a tea first to ask, the importance of taste experience, which means that the majority of tea friends do not care about the quality of the q…

A little time, a moderate change of taste will

New product attack May 28th -6 month 3 May 28th

This taster selected Yunnan Xishuangbanna Menghai County, 1600 meters above sea level in the ancient ecological tea garden advanced spring pistil tea, selected fertilizer and tender leaves, moderate f…

The quality of good or bad is also need to be judged later.

Tea market quotes: old tea is always high and new tea will be king.

The final destination of a piece of Puer tea should be the stomach of the tea drinkers instead of being turned into dust and disappeared in the warehouse.A few days of the auction, a few star tea once…

means that the majority of tea friends do not care about the quality of the quality of it

Reproducing the source of Blending -- tea Pu'er in tea

The meaning of Encyclopedia of Baidu encyclopedia refers to the re printing of woodcut books. Ah Ying version of the small words: ... Sometimes, the duplicate printed edition is better than the origin…

Of course not, but with the popularity of "palatability for Jane, tea is used for drinking",

Investment analysis of Puer tea: why the investment in tea market has been fluctuating recently?

In the first half of this year, the investment tea market was like a drunk who was drunk. The days of investment customers were very anxious. They thought that a tea cost up to 100 thousand yuan, and …

many people naturally put the taste experience and quality together, that is, good tea is good tea.

Yunnan's "ancient tea" kilograms sell hundreds of thousands of Pu'er tea prices continue to be high.

According to the voice of economy, day 315, Puer tea is loved by consumers in recent years because of its drinking value, collection value and artistic value. This year Pu erh tea spring tea picking s…


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