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Black tea, Black tea in English. In the process of processing black tea, the chemical reaction of tea polyphenols catalyzed oxidation was taken place. The chemical composition of fresh leaves changed greatly, the tea polyphenols were reduced by more than 90%, and the new ingredients such as theaflavin and theaflavin were produced. The aroma substances were significantly higher than those of fresh leaves. So black tea has the characteristics of black tea, red soup, red leaves and sweet alcohol. China's black tea varieties are most famous for Qimen black tea, and are the second largest tea species in China.

Black tea is a full fermented tea, which is made from a series of technological processes, such as withering, cutting, fermenting, drying, and so on, with the suitable leaves of the tea tree as the raw material. Withering is an important process for making black tea. Black tea is called "black tea" when it is first made. Black tea is named after its dried tea leaves and red leaves. Chinese black tea mainly include: Japanese red tea, [1] qomanhong, Zhaoping red, Huo Hong, Yunnan red, red, spring city red, spring city green, Su Hong, Sichuan Red, British red, Dongjiang Chu Yun Xian red tea, especially Qimen red tea is the most famous, in 2013, Hunan Dongjiang Chu Yun Xian black tea won the "middle tea cup" special prize. [2]

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